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Women's circles for fitness, connection, and healing

Frequently Asked Questions


What do you actually do in class?

Every class will be a little different but we will move in each class. The movement will be more like creative movement for adults than like a dance technique class. I will spend time creating a sense of community and trust then we will begin creating movement to represent feelings or experiences.  A very simple example would be , " Show me how someone's body looks when they are sad. " Don't worry that won't happen the first few classes! Occasionally we will have short readings and reflections. 


Where are you getting this stuff?

Take a minute and look up expressive arts therapy and dance movement therapy.  Learning about these forms of therapy has opened a whole new world for me and I'm excited to share !


Is this as weird as it sounds?

Maybe but it is truly mood elevating, and fun,  I wont make you howl or anything. 

Click here to see therapeutic movement in action